10 Most Weird Medical Conditions

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You might be in trouble whenever you are suffering from cold, but you are not that unlucky as there are certain weird medical conditions in the world that makes the people live their routine life miserably and not like the normal ones. From walking like a dead to having a geographic map tongue, there are many rare diseases exists in the world. Some have the cure while some are non-curable. Let’s see some of them.

1. Walking Corpse Syndrome

It is a rare mental disorder in which a person thinks that his body parts are not active anymore or he might be dead. In medical term, it is also called as Cotard’s Syndrome and consider as one the component of depression.

People those who suffer from Cotard’s Syndrome don’t eat or bath regularly and behave a dead person. They often seen spending their time in the cemeteries as they believe it as there own place. The condition is so rare due to which it becomes difficult to find the mechanism behind it.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

2. Geographic Tongue

A person suffering from Geographic Tongue has patches of red and white color on their tongue. The red and white patches are surrounded by the light yellowish elevated border that exactly looks like the geographic map. Though the lesion developed are harmless, it still causes a sensation.

According to a study, “The cause of GT is unknown. However, situations and conditions producing stress, including allergies, hormonal disturbances, nutritional deficiencies, psychological disturbance, Reiter’s Syndrome and even spicy foods are related to GT”.

3. Werewolf Syndrome

Usually, people trim their extra hair from the body, but this is not the case with the person suffering from Werewolf Syndrome. The sufferers have abnormal hair growth all over in their body including their face too.

Known by another name of Hypertrichosis, Werewolf Syndrome can be inherited or acquired. In some of the cases, people acquired the disease from anti-balding treatment. Even the laser treatment or waxing won’t work to remove the excessive growth of the hairs in the body.

4. Exploding Head Syndrome

The delusion of exploding something in your head might lead you in the restless condition, but it is generally experienced by many people suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome. While they try to sleep but unable to do that as they always hear the sound of gunshots and explosions in their head.

As per the study, people may have it once in their lifetime or 7 times per night. It further leads to insomnia, sleep deprivation or certain types of anxiety. The best treatment is to educate the person and reassure them that it is not dangerous can help to a larger extent.

Exploding Head Syndrome

5. Tree Man Syndrome

Something appears to be hard and growing like a tree from a human body is weird to think even. However, it actually happens with the person affected by the Tree Man Syndrome also known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis.

Tree Man Syndrome originates from a mole in the body and later on grows like a devil by the exposure to the sunlight. They may appear to be small in the early stage but becomes malignant at extreme conditions.

6. Alien Hand Syndrome

Your both hands might work in the direction of your mind, but this is not the case with everyone. A rare disease named Alien Hand Syndrome makes the person have no control over one of their hands. They started grasping or moving the things involuntarily.

It leads to person indulging in several accidents and often controlled by the other hand. There is no treatment for the disease so far.

7. Auto-Brewery Syndrome    

Auto-Brewery Syndrome was discovered when doctors were shocked to see that people have a high presence of alcohol in their body even though they have never tasted it.

After much examination, it is found that a particular type of yeast is present in their stomach and intestine. This yeast ferment the carbohydrates that further produce alcohol and intoxicate the person.

Auto Brewery Syndrome

8. Fatal Familial Insomnia

Fatal Familial Insomnia is a dreadful disease-causing less or no sleep at all. The initial stage leads the person to sleep less and later on turns into the condition of total insomnia.

Due to the deprivation of the sleep, the physical and mental state of the person deteriorate drastically. Due to which, the person dies within 18 months or less. So, far no medical treatment is available for this condition.

9. Foreign Accent Syndrome

An accent is something which defined anybody’s language, and we have once in our lifetime have tried to speak a dialect foreign to our native language. However, there are certain people who developed a foreign accent and uncontrollably spoke in that language even if they have never visited that area.

The cause of Foreign Accent Syndrome might be the stroke or some brain injury. Not only the accent but people usually change their tone of voice and tongue placement during the speech. Extensive speech therapy is the only treatment available to retain the brain to speak in a certain way.

10. Water Allergy

Anyone can ever think of their life without water, but there are certain people who have to maintain a certain distance from the water as they are allergic to it. A rare medical condition is known as “Water Allergy” or “Aquagenic Urticaria” makes a person develop itchy hives or welts within a few moments of their contact with water.

The cause of this rare disease is not known correctly until now. However, it is also speculated that there are certain impurities or chemical present in the water that makes people allergic to water. But even the purified water trigger the reaction in some of the people.

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