10 Things for you should always be Grateful for

Grateful for

Things might be running smoothly in your life or you may be facing some problems and complaining about it every time. However, have you ever counted more on your blessings than the obstacles of your life?

Thus, to feel always better and want to lift your self-esteem, you should try inculcating the habit of thanking for all the selfless things around you.

Whether it be a new day, fresh air and water, everything adds up to your advancement. Let’s just count each of those blessings one by one which needs to be appreciated at least for once.

1. You are still Alive

Waking up alive in the morning is a really a blessing as there are many people who won’t be able to open up their eyes all of a sudden and declared as dead. Hence, you should always be thankful while you open your eyes in the morning and thanks to the god. You can still enjoy and plan multiple things for the rest of the day, unlike many others.

2. A Roof over your Head

If you have a roof over your head to save you from that cold winds or miserable heat of the sun, then for sure you are lucky enough. Several people die every year as they are unable to hide from the cruel weather conditions.

But you are not that unlucky as you can pack yourself anytime in your comfy home and doesn’t care much for the ups and downs of the weather.


3. If you have your Parents

You might get annoyed with your parents sometimes or feel like clearing their misunderstandings many times. But trust me you are really blessed if you have your parents to notice your goods and bads and guide you accordingly.

Just ask those who are orphans and have no emotional or financial support from anyone. You should thanks to your parents occasionally for all the love and support they give to you and see the positive attitude it bring into you.

4. A Sound Health

Yes, being able to walk properly anywhere you want and eat without thinking much about any kind of cross outcomes is indeed another blessing. Also, being healthy and work efficiently is something many people missed out due to their bad health conditions.

If you are able to start your day healthy and being able to go to work, then surely you are blessed enough compared to those who are bedridden and unable to carry their daily task.

5. Have the Well-Wishers around

With no doubts, every day can’t be same as sometimes you celebrate, sometimes you feel normal while some are really pathetic. For the good days, you may not feel lonely but for the bad ones, if you have someone aside to cheer you up, then you are obviously lucky. Having positive people around not only sought out all your troubles but also will keep you ready for the next problems.


6. Your Belongings

Using multiple things like starting your day with those toothbrush to using those comfy pillows on the bed makes you easy going. But what about when any one of them is missing and you, later on, realise its importance.

Whether it is your bag, clothes or other accessories, every belonging has a small story like when and how you bought it. So, remembering them again and feeling good is a grateful thing to do.

7. A decent Air to Breathe

We are living in a polluted world and breathing out the contaminated air but still, we are alive. Yes, it is a strange but a thankful thing that how our body adjust with the environment.

Whether you are residing in a less polluted area or the more polluted one, your body should simply go with its flow. You should be thankful for it as there are many people suffering from the dirt allergies that make their life miserable.

8. You have enough Resources to Control Hunger

You don’t have to wait outside of any restaurants to collect the leftovers or even search for other misery resources like the dumping grounds to collect your food.

Whenever you are feeling hungry, you have multiple options to eat whether it is homemade food or buying from the nearby food points. So, If you have enough resources to satisfy your appetite anytime and anywhere, then trust me you are the luckiest one than many people of this world.


9.Your Friends and Pets

With no doubts, friends are like your second family and are always there whenever you need them. You can enjoy with them or discuss anything with them. Likewise, the pets are on the top when it comes to giving the selfless love to humans. So, if you have at least one friend or even a pet, then you are never alone. Feel blessed for all those who surround you whenever life goes tougher.

10. Access to the Internet

In the technology-driven world everything is possible with just a click on your phone. So, if you have the internet access anytime you want then you are really blessed.

From gaining the knowledge instantly on any topic and using it for your development is only possible when you have the internet connection. Working smoothly for your projects or applying many ideas from the internet makes the work running faster than ever.

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