Avoid Pain with these 5 places to get a Tattoo


Are you passionate about getting a new tattoo? But the fear of pain might be stopping you. Yes, it is painful to get inked on the body, but the intensity of pain depends on where you want your tattoo. In the past five years, the tattoo industry has grown to about 10% and is still in profit. People have become more passionate and demanding to decorate their body with the tattoo.

However, there are many people who admit that they feel a little sensation while being inked but on the other side there are also some who are not able to tolerate the pain. They usually take frequent breaks between the process to make the effect less painful.

So, if you are excited about the new tattoo but that needle scars you, then you should avoid certain sensitive areas in your body. There are even some places in your body where you can feel the least pain. Have a look at them.

1. Your Fingers

Yes, fingers are one of the least painful and coolest parts of the body to get tattooed. Since there is less nerve ending in the finger, you will feel lesser pain. It may hurt for a few minutes, but soon you can only feel that beautiful tattoo on your fingers.

One of the reasons why people prefer fingers to get inked is that they are temporary and get faded as soon your nails get longer. So, if your mood changes with time and you want another tattoo, the option will always be open.

Finger Tattoo

2. Your Ear Cartilage

If you want a small yet noticeable place to get tattooed, then inking on the ear cartilage is the best option to go for. As you will feel the lesser pain on the harder bony area of the ear cartilage, it becomes a perfect place to get tattooed.

Also, as the area is small, you don’t have to sit for longer to feel the pain. The longer you sit, the worst it may get. Also if you are planning a tattoo for someone special and want to hide from everyone, then you can hide the ear cartilage with your hairs too.

3. Your Thigh area

The best part of getting a tattoo at the thigh is that it has a larger surface available and that makes a wider option to get inked. As there are lesser nerve ending and more fat and muscles present in your thighs, you will feel the less pain. Some tattoo experts even say that people sleep while getting a tattoo on their thighs.

Another advantage of getting a tattoo in the thigh is that you can hide it anytime you don’t want to flaunt it. In case you want everyone to see your tattoo, you can also wear shorts or bathing suits.

Thigh Tattoo

4. Your Shoulder area

Getting a tattoo on the shoulder is very common as you can have it in any size and shape you want to. Whether it be small, medium-sized or the larger one, you have multiple options of getting inked on your shoulders. As there are lesser nerve endings present on the shoulders, you will feel less pain in the whole process.

Some people admit that they feel lesser sensation while getting the tattoo on the shoulder. If you want to flaunt your tattoo for most of the time, then shoulder is most of the suitable place to get tattooed.   

5. Your Calves area

If you are planning for a tattoo at your foot area, then getting it done on the back side of the calves area will be a smarter choice. By taking the experience of many people, it is found out that the people experience less pain due to more cushion area on the back side of the calves area. There are also lesser nerve endings at the back calves area which makes it less hurting.

However, if you are planning for the tattoo on the front side of the calves then it will hurt a lot as there are more bone area and lesser fat present. So, choose wisely while making a tattoo next time as it is the matter of your health which will last longer not that tattoo.

Besides this, there are also some more places where you can get yourself tattooed. Refer the below mentioned links for the same:

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