Funny Social Experiments to Try On Your Friends

Have you ever wanted to prank your friends and family in a fun and harmless way? Social experiments are a great way to do just that! From making them think they have superpowers to switching up their daily routines, there are plenty of hilarious social experiments you can try out on your friends. Read on to learn more!

I. Making Your Friends Think They Have Superpowers

Do you have a friend who loves to think they’re invincible? Why not make them actually feel like they are? There are plenty of hilarious ways to make your friends think they have superpowers. One way is to set up a pretend fight scene between your friends and some “enemies”. Have your friends “defeat” the enemies with powers such as “invisibility” or “mind control”. Another way to make your friends feel super is to surprise them with a pre-arranged flash mob, cheering and applauding them as they arrive on the scene.

II. Switching Up Your Friends' Daily Routines

Nothing makes life more interesting or fun than switching up the routine. To make your friends laugh, try switching up their daily routine and see how they react. For example, if one of your friends usually has coffee in the morning, arrange for them to get a cup of tea instead. If they usually eat lunch at a certain restaurant, have them try a new one. These minor changes may seem small, but they can really make a difference in your friends’ lives!

III. Testing Your Friends' Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills can be very important in everyday life, so why not test your friends’ abilities? To do this, create a fake problem for them to solve. For example, you can hide some of their items and have them figure out where they are. Or, you can set up a “treasure hunt” of sorts, giving them clues to follow until they find their reward. These activities will not only test your friends’ problem-solving skills, but they’ll also provide plenty of laughs!

IV. Seeing How Your Friends React to Unfamiliar Situations

How do your friends react under unfamiliar circumstances? To find out, try taking them to a new place or doing something they’ve never done before. For example, you can take them to a restaurant they’ve never been to before or have them try a new type of food. It can also be fun to have them try a new activity such as rock climbing or riding a roller coaster. Seeing how your friends react to unfamiliar situations can be very entertaining!

V. Pushing Your Friends Outside Their Comfort Zones

Finally, it can be fun to push your friends outside their comfort zones. This can mean anything from asking them to do something they’re afraid of, such as singing in public or going on a roller coaster. Or, it could mean having them try something they’ve never done before, such as participating in a scavenger hunt or going on a blind date. Pushing your friends out of their comfort zones can result in plenty of laughs and lots of learning!


No matter how silly or outrageous the experiment, these social experiments can be an excellent way to bring your friends closer together and create some hilarious memories. So, get creative and come up with some of your own experiments to try on your friends. After all, it's all in good fun!