Don’t Worry if you had a Stressful Day

stressful day

Yes, the word stress is in itself doesn’t sound good at all, but it is a bitter reality everyone should accept to live their life happily and satisfied. You will be surprised to know that more than half of the life-taking diseases is linked to taking the stress.

Due to its bad effects in life, stress is called as the ‘silent killer’ by the eminent psychologist and doctors. Hence, it becomes necessary to deal with it maturely and efficiently rather than putting your happiness at stake. So, here we go with some of the ways to tackle stress without many efforts.

1. Discuss At least

Discussing what is worrying you inside may not solve your problems sometimes, but it will surely release the pressure building up inside you. So, if you are facing any issue in your head, try to talk with someone who understands you better. They will listen to you, and if you are fortunate enough, you will find the exact solution in their suggestions.

The problem begins when you try to show fake happiness and “I’m ok” attitude instead of killing yourself from the inside. There should be at least a person in your life with whom you can discuss your problems anytime.

2. Take care of your physical health

It is rightly said that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Hence, putting efforts to take care of your physical health pays you back with the joy of better mental health. To eat healthy, having a fixed schedule of workouts or any other physical activity makes you no less than a happy spinning ball throughout the day.

If you feel the stress building up around, you can take a small walk outside or shift yourself from your present place. The regular physical workout will also improve your sleep schedule.


3. Accept the reality

You have to accept one small thing in life that life will not go smoothly always and you have to face ups and down frequently. Asking the same question again and again that “why this happens to me only” will not always work.

However,  accepting the challenges of life will make your life go easier, and you can easily take on bravely any difficult situations coming on your way.

Happy are those people who are more focused on getting the solutions rather than crying in their situations.

4. Leave work at the office only

Approximately 40% of the people in the world believed that their job is stressful.  The main reason is not to maintain a thin line between work and personal life. They have to stretch their work hours to meet the deadlines.

However, keeping a gap between working hours increases productivity in work instead of heaping up the worthless work always.

5. Get proper sleep

According to the American Psychological Association, people who take the proper sleep of fewer than eight hours tends to get irritated and angry soon compare to those who take proper eight hours sleep. As far as health issues are concerned, people with lesser sleep are more prone to heart and blood sugar diseases.

To get deprived of the sleep problems, try to relax yourself before you go to bed. Getting engaged in any mental and physical work just before going for a sleep consumes your much time thinking about it later. So, make a schedule and stick to that so that your body and mind get used to the same routine every day.

proper sleep
proper sleep

6. Try meditation

Including meditation in your schedule sounds to be time-consuming but overthinking and stressing over it do contribute in time wasting. Meditation helps a lot to relax your body and more importantly your mind.

Meditation for at least an hour in a day can make you calm and relaxed going all through the day. Many people have found a dramatic change in the way of responding to the problems after starting the meditation in their daily routine.  

7. Learn to say ‘No’

The main reason why people can’t handle the pressure of the work around them that they were not able to gather the strength of saying clear ‘No’. The fear of missing an opportunity or rejection let them take the burden of extra work even if they were not meant to do.

8. Go for a vacation

So, try to say a polite ‘No’ with a genuine reason to avoid any kind of mental and physical stress in future. There is ofcourse a way to deny the work when you are not willing to do the job. You can “Sorry I have other priorities to do right at the moment” or something related to it.

Taking a short break from the busy schedule really works a lot to destress yourself. Like, whenever you are stuck in between the problem, leave for a while and go out for a vacation. But make sure to enjoy at your best and return with the positive energy to start fresh.

Sometimes changing your environment for a while really works when you don’t understand what to do next.

9. Start reading for fun

Just after a stressful day, if you engage yourself for just even  6 minutes of reading, you can release about 68% of your stress. Reading your favourite book or magazines just for fun will destress you and make you relax.

So, try to pick up your favourite type of content and give it time even if the time is only about 10 minutes.

10. Focus more on solutions

The biggest problem of having heaps of stress in life is the way of responding. Some may cry over again and again on the issues they face in their life while some instantly focus their energy more on finding solutions.

To divert yourself more towards the solution instead of stressing yourself for the problem is the first step in achieving your solution.

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