General Misconceptions of Success


Success is wrapped often with certain myths and people do follow them blindly by considering them as the must-to-do things to get successful. It is pretty obvious that everyone wants a prosperous life and we can do anything to achieve it. However, things may turn down if you will continuously stick to the negative myths in your life and you might be underpaid, overworked or unhappy.

The first thing that comes into your mind to achieve success is to have a positive mindset. It will definitely work out but having a clear and complete understanding of what success actually means and what should be avoided while exploring the path is also important.

It is necessary to work in the direction of the positive thoughts and throw away certain negativity like it’s too late to start or success is all about money and fame. So,  here are some of the general misconceptions of success that you should try to avoid to stay in the right path of success.

1. Success is all about Money

For sure, money is essential to achieve success, but if you have mistaken it with having lots and lots of success, then you are definitely misleading yourself. Yes, everyone has their own criteria for being successful.

For some people, success means getting independence while for some, it’s all about being happy and satisfied. When you are after achieving your passion rather than money-making, then you will never run out of money. However, if you measure money equal to the progress, then you will definitely run out of passion one day.


2. It’s too late to start

It is a common myth that you can be successful only if you will begin at an early age. But, many examples prove that if you have the right plan and strategy in your head, then you can be successful at any age. From KFC’s Dangit to Colonel’s Kentucky Fried chicken, everyone gains huge popularity in the older days of life.

Chief executive coach Shefali Raina talked about the true meaning of success which has no connection with the age.

She said, “Success is age-agnostic, and one can be successful at any age- all your knowledge, experience, relationships and resilience helps you build the success you want to create no matter what age”.

3. You have to work long hours

Several people spend long-hours even after the office timings to meet the deadlines. This doesn’t guarantee that you are doing something constructive as at the end of the day, the right tactics and focus will work better for your success.

All your efforts should be in the path of having a right plan with a specified date rather than relentlessly working for several hours. So, try to focus more on separating the things smartly with a fixed time slot and start working according to that.

working long hours
working long hours

4. Success needs equal luck

Many people sit down disheartedly after struggling hard for their success and at the end claims that it only needs the luck to excel in any field. This is not true as luck will always be the second thing after the hard work and determination towards your goal.

Luck may divert its path to the success anytime if you really wish to reach there but it is a stupidity to not to execute your plan correctly and later on put the entire baggage on your luck.

As the saying goes that there is no substitute for the hard work, the same goes for achieving your goal in life. Your strong belief that “you can do it” will always make you stand out from others.

5. You can do it alone

Generally, people think that they can achieve success by doing it alone, but this is not true. Success is not a state but a long journey to travel along. You will always need support from your family, friends, colleagues and mentors. Listening to all but choosing the best among them is an asset everyone should know to carry with them.

However, after serving everybody’s advice on your plate, try to go through each one and consider the best one for you. Once you realise the importance of helping others, hopefully, you will be able to help others in their journey to success.

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