Horror stories of Lottery Winners going Bankrupt

lottery winners

Winning a lottery is just like a dream come true and had lifted many people from rags to riches.  However, there are many people who couldn’t handle the unexpected treasure by winning a lottery and blew it all leaving behind nothing for them.

From spending it carelessly on the lavish lifestyle to ignoring the importance of relationships in front of money, they did it all and had regrets later on.

Let us a look at some of the people who make their life horrible even after winning heaps of money by winning the jackpot.

1. Vivian Nicholson

With no doubts, women love shopping but usually ran out of money . But this is not the case of a woman named Vivian Nicholson whose husband Keith won a fortune of £152,300 and she decided to spend the amount relentlessly.

Vivian didn’t stop until the couple is empty handed. From spending the amount on fancy sports cars, new property and living extravagant lifestyle, they became the headline.

However, things turn out to be drastic later on when her husband Keith died and left her with only tax bills and depression. She eventually ends up with bankruptcy.

2. Janite Lee

A South Korean wig shop owner Janite Lee’s life flipped completely when she won $18 million dollar lottery. As she believed in donating generously, she went on spending the considerable amount on political candidates and once book a seat next to President Bill Clinton 1997 fundraising luncheon.

A reading room was named after her at Washington University’s law school. But the things rolled on another side when she lost $350,000 in gambling at casinos.

Janitee Lee

3. Suzanne Mullins

All the dreams turned out to be true for Suzanne who won $4.2 million through a lottery. After that, she decided to split the money among her family members and leaving her with just $47,000 a year.

The reckless behavior of the family members to drop the money every time without giving a second thought made their treasure turns into paying the debts later on.

After 5 years, she took the loan of nearly $200,000 from a lottery foundation and as a result of which she received a lump-sum amount. In 2004, Mullins was sued by a loan company who won a $154,000 settlement and she was left with no asset at the end.

4. Billy Bob Harrell Jr.

A generous preacher working as a stock boy at home depot got his prayers answered when he hit $31 million jackpot in 1997. Just like the others, he started to fulfil all his incomplete desires from travelling to different places, buying new property and luxury cars.

Besides living up his dreams, he played the perfect role of a Santa Claus by distributing his wealth to all those who asked for.  

However, it lead him to live the worst life later on as his wife gets separated from him, has to change his phone numbers multiple times and at the end committed suicide.

5. Gerald Muswagon

The craziness of leading a party animal life led Gerald Muswagon a failure to handle a whopping $10 million lottery jackpot. According to a Canadian newspaper, Gerald couldn’t handle the sudden fame.

They talked about Gerald and said, “He bought several new vehicles for himself and friends, purchased a house that turned into a nightly ‘party pad’ and often celebrated his new lifestyle with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol”.

They added, “In a single day, he bought eight big-screen televisions for friends”. Gerald was later on forced to do the heavy lifting on a friend’s farm to meet the ends. The job and depression eventually forced him to commit suicide at his parents’ garage.

Gerald Muswagon

6. Denise Rossi

The cleverness to keep by self and share nothing to anyone rebound badly to Denise who decides to hide the amount of $1.3 million lottery she won in 1996. Instead of enjoying together with the partner, she demanded a divorce from her husband Thomas Rossi without telling the truth about the lottery.

Thomas gets to know about the lottery when he intercepted a letter two year later. He sued her wife for not disclosing the truth and judge awarded every cent of his wife’s winning in the final verdict. Thomas later enjoyed his $48,000 payout every year.

7. Andrew Jack Whittaker

For a common man to win the lottery is more like living a dream, but for a millionaire, a lottery jackpot is icing on the cake. Andrew Jack Whittaker won a $315 million lottery and chose a lump-sum amount of $170.5 million. Andrew decided to spend the amount on donation, and soon the things turned out to be worse.

Andrew ‘s granddaughter died under unknown circumstances and he and his wife separated. He was often robbed and has battled with more than 400 legal complaints at a single time. He once told to a news channel that, “I wish I’d torn that ticket up”.

8. Callie Rogers

Callie Rogers was crowned as the youngest lottery winner after she won a jackpot of £1.8million. With the money came the fame and fortune in Callie’s life but that didn’t live up for long. After winning the lottery at a very tender age, she spent it all on drugs, partying and multiple surgeries.

The bills of £18,000 on breast surgery, 3,00,000 euro on clothes and 5,00,000 euro giving to family members and friends leave her empty-handed at the end.

Callie Roger

9. Jane Park

Along with the Callie, Jane was also counted among the youngest lottery winner. She won the jackpot of £1 million when she was just 17 years old. Once caught by the police for the charge of drunken driving, she admits that winning lottery has made her life nothing less than hell.

With the huge amount in hand, she shelled out in various jobs like spending £1,00,000 to a top Harley Street doctor, losing £1,00,000 in a business venture and £50,000 on different plastic surgeries.

10. John McGuinness

The life a hospital gatekeeper changed all of a sudden when he won a lottery of worth £10 million. John McGuinness who worked in a Scottish hospital lived his life with just £150 until he won a jackpot of £10 million.

John started spending the amount on lavish cars and international trips after giving some of it to the family members and ex-wife.

The fame turned into a disaster when the invested amount of 4 million euro in Livingston Football Club didn’t give returns and instead forced him to sell his property after losing legal battle. In the end, he was even not left with enough food.

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