List of Huge Amount spent on the Royal Family’s Pet

Royal family's Pet

With no doubts, pets are like our family members and they are always with us to show all their love and affection in our hard times. They are equally treated for all the necessary things they will ever need. However, certain pets don’t live a normal life than the regular ones. Their lives are more lavish than millions of the human on the earth.

Some pets have their own luxury space to live while some owners leave behind their property to their pets when they left the world. Let us take a look at some of them.

1. Corgis

When we will ever talk about the royal family’s pet, Corgis name will always on the top as they are given the most royal treatment any person could ever dream of.

Queen Elizabeth II has gifted a Corgi named Susan when she was very young. After then, the royal family becomes the pet lover for the lifelong.

The royal Corgis dogs have their personal diet menus and butlers. Their foods are served in the porcelain bowls in high styles. Though the last dog from Susan’s family died last year, mixes of Corgi named Vulcan and Candy are still getting the same royal treatment.


2. Lupo and Marvin

Royal couple William and Duchess Kate adopted a cocker spaniel breed of dog named as Lupo before their parenthood. Lupo was always seen with the couple at polo matches and walk at the beaches.

Lupo take the backseat after two kids George and Charlotte came in the family, and the new pet hamster named Marvin joined them. The royal family was often seen as spending leisure time with the pets.

3. Grumpy Cat

No one could ever think of a cat being famous with just a picture has gone viral. Media star Grumpy Cat is the owner of $99.5 million and has huge social media fan following.

She is known for her grumpy facial appearance. With more than 8.3 million total followers on Facebook and 2.4 million followers on Instagram, she has a recorded fan following.

Grumpy Cat

4. Tina and Kate

Norah Hardwell granted $500000 and five acres of land to her pet dogs named Tina and Kate. The aged dogs have the luxury life and taken care by Nora’s Gardner at their home after her death in 2002. They were given the best food and were even asked to advise for the decoration of the house. Miss Hardwell would not even paint the house with the color dog would not like.

5. Gunther IV

Gunther IV is the owner of the $375 million and titled as the world’s richest dog. The royalty of Gunther IV starts when a German countess Karlotta Liebenstein leaves behind $65 million to his parent named Gunther III.

Unlike many other dogs, Gunther IV has its own mansions and villas all over the world including in Italy and Bahamas too.

Gunther IV

Look at some more pets living the lavish life any human can ever thought of:


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