Be Summer Smart with these 7 Essentials in Bag

summer smart

The summer season is coming in full swing and heat waves are on the way to its extreme. So, it becomes necessary to take care of yourself. As dehydration is the primary concern in the summer, you should get ready to get hydrated and cool all the time. To do so, make sure to carry all the essentials with yourself handy.

Obviously, you cannot fight with the sun to keep its heat low, but you can protect yourself from his its roasting and harmful rays. So, be smart with the below-mentioned items in your bag that will not let you face the summer alone. I’m sure with the end of the article, you will know about the exact things to be kept in your bag.

1. Water Bottle

As 60 percent of our body is made up of water but unfortunately, the majority of people confessed to drink less water than the minimum limit prescribed by the doctors. One of the reasons for such carelessness is not to carry a water bottle with you always.

Buying the water bottle whenever you need is not possible, and even if it is, the plastic used in it is harmful to both your health and environment. Thus, the safest way is to have a water bottle with you.

Whether you are busy in your work or roaming outside, the quick reach of a water bottle will never let you lose your energy and get dehydrated.

2. Facial Wipes

You may never know when you have to go out in the sun and face that annoying heat. So, to refresh yourself quickly, you can use the facial wipes on hand.

Since washing the face always in between the work is not a good option but instead sweeping it with the wipes emerged as the hero. To carry it in your bag won’t cost you much with space as it is small in size too.

3. Sunglasses

Caring for your skin is not enough as your eyes play no less important role than it. So, protect your precious eyes with those favorite shades. You may easily forget them, but you will definitely regret that decision after coming out in those hot weather.

So, rather reaching back home with the red and irritating eyes, it is better to have the sunglasses carried with you to avoid any problem in the eyes at the end of the day.

summer sunglasses
summer sunglasses

4. Sunscreen  

You can’t turn away the harmful UV rays of the sun in the summer, but you can apply sunscreen to your skin to reduce its effect. Besides lowering the heat waves, sunscreen is beneficial in many ways.

According to the studies, it is found that people who are using sunscreen every day has 24% lesser chances of aging faster than the ones who are not using it.

A good sunscreen containing all the skin proteins like keratin, titanium oxide is a must thing to be kept in your bag if you want your skin healthy and smooth in the summers.

5. A Hand Sanitizer

It is difficult to restrict sweat in the summer as you never know the intensity of the temperature, especially at the day time. With the sweat all over your body, the germs also arrive without an invitation. So, instead of using the same hands for both eating and wiping the sweat, it is better to be safe with Hand sanitizers. A small bottle of hand sanitizer would surely keep you away from the germs and further to diseases.

Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer

6. Mini Deo

One of the biggest problem with the sweat in the summer is the unpleasant odor gifted free with it. It sometimes becomes a reason for your embarrassment even. So, be sure to carry a mini Deo or perfume with you.

Besides, restricting that bad odor, a Deo or perfume would help to make you feel refresh and kill those bacteria growing more at the temperature goes up.

7. Hair Ties

This one goes for the ladies who usually got irritated with the wet hairs by the sweat in the unforgiving summer heat. So, it is better to keep the hair ties in your bag in advance if you are not comfortable with the sweat making your long hairs sticky.

Ofcourse, their irritating with the hairs will cause major drawbacks for all those people surrounding them in the workplace.

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