Cheapest Destination to Travel Worldwide

Cheap travelling destinations

Having an international trip is something that requires proper money and planning for a long time. But if you are smarter enough to choose the right place that suits both your pocket and mood, then travelling will always a relaxing thing to do.

Usually, people have the myth that they have to spend huge portion of their savings for an international tour but this is not true. Some destinations are there catering you the most  memorable experiences with the budget in your hand.

Hence, we should begin our exploration to some of the cheapest destinations of the world that will definitely bring back uncountable and amazing memories. so let’s just start with our list.

1. Portugal

Listing a western European country in this list is very strange but taking a tour to Portugal is worth to do for at least once. The best part to be in Portugal is to have a large serving of the cheap food and that too in half and full portion options. The other attractions include good value lodgings and easy availability of trains and buses.

If you are searching for affordable accommodation in Portugal then you have many options to go for like university town of Lisbon and Coimbra. These places can provide you with a double room for just $70 and if you are Nazare, you will be offered affordable rooms and apartments by little old ladies.


2. Central America

Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua are considered as one of the cheapest and best states to travel. It offers beautiful scenery, friendly locals, traditional dresses and amazing handcraft shoppers.

As far as prices are considered you will be offered $40 a day to live large and even $15 for a night. The travel expense can go for just $3 and beer for less than a dollar. Though Central America includes smaller countries but ancient ruins, jungle trekking and occupied by the lesser tourist will surely make your trip worth.

3. Colombia

Colombia encloses immense beauty with the mountain ranges, beaches, jungles and grey valleys with the coffee bushes all in one. Though Colombia is not as cheap as the other Andrea nations it is far safer and developed place to visit.

The cities of Medellin, Cartagena and Bogota are the must visit destinations in Colombia. In Medellin, you can easily get a single room for about $23 while smaller towns of Villa de Leyva and Salento are even of better value.  The local food will cost you around $5 and the restaurants can serve the tasty meal for just $10-15. The street snacks can be carried anytime with the cost of only about $1 to $2.


4. Thailand

Located in the heart of Southeast Asian country, Thailand holds a special position for the tourist. With the cheap guesthouse, local buses service and amazing cuisines, you have everything here.

A person with normal accommodation and other needs can spend upto $25-30 a day while those expecting special needs can pay closer to $50 a day. Thailand is considered as one of the most bargain places in the world with $20 charged for the scuba diving and $2 a plate for the Thai dishes.

5. Romania

If you are always excited to see the medieval towns, countryside villages and forest with animals like bear and wolves roaming freely around, then you should visit Romania at least once. As far as cost are concerned, you have to pay just $30-35 in the mid-range hotels while homestay in the countryside including meals can also cost the same.

In the restaurants you are ordering the daily menu then you have to pay around $5 and $2 or even less for the local beer. For the transportation option, you can choose from the cost-effective train travel or the ridesharing like BlaBlaCar.

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